How To Buy The Correct Size Corset

Burlesque Corsets

Due to popular demand and the increased popularity of our Burlesque Corsets we have created a guide to assist you in purchasing the correct size corset. Please use this as a guide to ensure the correct size when purchasing any of our corsets in our store only. This method has been tried and tested and is accurate if used correctly. Corsets should be purchased 8cms smaller than your natural waistline to ensure a perfect fit.

As each corset and all sizes do vary going off size alone is not always the best option. A size small in one item is not equal to a size small in measurements in another totally different item. This is why it is ALWAYS ideal to go off the measurements provided on all our listings. Cross-checking these will ensure the fit of the garment you purchase is suitable.

Please follow these steps to buy the correct size:

Step 1: Select the corset instore you are interested in purchasing.

Step 2. Scroll down to the measure guide on the centre of the listing.

Step 3. Measure your bust and waist as shown on the points on the picture on the model (top of this page) and make a note of them.

Step 4. Deduct 6-8cms off your waist & bust measurement this is the corset waist measurement you need to buy.

Step 5. Cross reference the measurement chart on the item listing you are buying. You need to check under the waist measurements section and choose the size that matches your waist measurement taken above (less the 6-8cms). Your measurements should be ideally in the middle range or towards the middle-end of the TO measurement. If you find your measurement is on the border of the To measurements listed, you need to go up one size.

Step 6. Once you have matched your waist measurement to the chart on the item listing you should find that your bust measurements also should fit inline with the same size chosen.

If you find there is a slight variance in the bust it is still advisable to choose based on the waist measurement. However if you find there is a big difference, the instructions may not have been followed correctly. It is advisable to re-measure and go through the steps above to ensure best fit.

The fit of corsets normally allow for the 6-8cm gap in this measurement guide. If you prefer a smaller/no gap we suggest you go up a size.

If you are still stuck on choosing your size you are welcome to email us with your bust and waist measurements and we can provide assistance in choosing the correct size for you.

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